Makeup artist Bobbi Brown is saying goodbye to her namesake cosmetics brand

For those of us who’ve been rummaging around the makeup aisle since we were but wee ones, the name Bobbi Brown is synonymous with makeup — Bobbi Brown herself has been the face and force behind the iconic brand that changed the way women wear makeup. Now, after 25 years of creating innovative and inclusive products, Bobbi Brown has decided to step away from the beauty brand to pursue other endeavors, much to the surprise of many devotees.

It may come as a shock to us because she’s always been on the forefront of developing new products for her company, but for Brown herself, the idea has apparently been percolating since doing some reflecting on the company’s 25 years of success.

In a Facebook statement regarding her departure, she stated:

“I am thankful for the extraordinary people that I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years and proud of the creative endeavors and innovative products we’ve created together.

Brown hasn’t revealed any details about what her next endeavor could possibly be, but knowing her it will most likely be a unique and exciting challenge that will push boundaries and be creatively fulfilling. Though, if girlfriend just wants to take a really long nap, we don’t blame her!

Bobbie Brown Cosmetics was founded in 1991 while Brown was working as a makeup artist. She found that the industry was greatly in need of high-quality makeup that was affordable, inclusive to as many skin tones as possible, and was all about showing off your skin.

Her foundations, concealers, and lipsticks quickly took off and helped make the company one of the largest and most successful brands out there.

You can read the full statement on her Facebook page:

Are you surprised to see Bobbi go? We’ll be waiting anxiously to hear what her next steps will be — because we have no doubt in our minds that it’ll be interesting and successful!

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