This makeup artist made it look like she had snakes all over her mouth, and we’re screaming forever

It constantly blows our minds just how talented some makeup artists are. While we’re over here struggling with our cat eyes, they’re out there turning faces into amazing works of art. And our latest obsession is Mimi Choi, who just created 3d snake lip art.

Let us explain:

The Vancouver-based makeup artist used Guillermo del Toro, who is famous for his creepy films, as an inspiration for her latest project. And she used just two Makeup Forever eyebrow pencils to create the illusion of live snakes on her face. Yeah — we’re equal parts impressed and horrified.

Seriously, we can’t get over this stunning (and slithering) work of lip art.

Another Instagram user, X motion artist @pete.motion, took Choi’s post and made it a thousands times creepier — by making the snakes move.

While your minds may be blown by her stunning look, a quick trip through Choi’s Instagram page shows just how talented of a makeup artist she is — with both visual effects and everyday glam.

Some looks, like this cubed looks, were created with everyday makeup.

Choi created this look using popular brands like NYX eyeliner and shadows, and Suva Beauty creams.

This mind-blowing split look is something out of our nightmares…in a good way.

While we’re amazed at how the looks are created, Choi gave us a behind the scenes look at how the magic is made.

We seriously can’t get over how talented Choi is. We can’t wait to see what amazing looks she posts next!


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