Every single one of us can be a ‘Peanuts’ character now

We’re already super excited for the pending Peanuts movie and now not only can we enjoy the newly-released trailer, but there’s a way for us to become Peanuts characters ourselves. Haven’t you always wanted to check out one of their school dances? Those Peanut kids always have the best moves.

With the new trailer fresh in your mind, now it’s time to make YOURSELF a Peanuts character. Thanks to the new tie-in website for the movie, you have the chance to customize your own kid, with whatever hair, clothing, and facial expression you want. Then of course, it’s time to choose what location you want to be in, and I just had to go to the school dance to hang out with Schroeder.

This Peanuts version of me is so weird because I cut my hair that short this past weekend and I’m really wearing this outfit right now. It’s like Peanuts KNOWS.

You can check out the new trailer for The Peanuts Movie below, and then, don’t waste any time making your way over to PeanutizeMe, where the real Peanuts magic happens.

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[Images via 20th Century Fox]