5 ways to make winter feel shorter

Some people are totally, one hundred percent into winter. If winter were a person, they’d date the heck out of it. “I LOVE the snow!” they’ll exclaim, a twinkle in their eye (or maybe a melted snowflake?). And you’re left like, “What in the. . .?”

If you’re staunchly anti-winter, you’ve come to the right place. Because dry hair, red, chapped skin and perpetually cold phalanges aren’t at the top of the list of things we love. Don’t worry—there are definitely ways to make these next few months feel shorter than they usually do! Take note, summer lovers.

1. Take up a new hobby.

Whether that’s learning French, kickboxing, crocheting, stage acting, or learning how to scale a mountain, try something new. The year is still fresh; take advantage of it! If you’ve been dying to figure out how to play the piano, go for it—and keep at it all winter long. Set an objective for yourself, like to be able to play one full, two-minute song by the end of the cold months. Once you reach your goal, you’ll feel so empowered and happy you made the most of the crappy weather.

2. Take advantage of the snow.

We know, we know. Snow usually sucks, especially when you have to trek across it to get to school or work. But if it’s Saturday and you’re bundled up and have a friend in tow, it’s not so bad. In fact, playing in the snow can actually be totally fun. Build a snowman, construct an epic fort, engage in a snowball battle—the possibilities are endless! Not to mention, if there’s a decent hill around, sledding is a total blast. Just think, you actually have a leg up on those West Coast dwellers.

3. Go shopping.

We know this one won’t require much convincing. Stuff fifty bucks in your purse and head to your local T.J. Maxx, Target or Kohl’s and splurge on a couple cute sweaters (or even a sweater dress!). Winter may not be good for everything, but it sure makes for some cute clothes. You’ll feel instantly better about the cold after making a few warranted purchases. Bonus: super fuzzy sweaters are soooo soft and comfy.

4. Get in shape.

OK, so this one isn’t quite so glamorous as retail therapy. But seriously, hear us out: exercising will pull you out of that mid-winter slump by boosting your mood via the release of endorphins. It’s known to actually lower rates of depression and improve your self-esteem; in addition, working out has the power to reduce anxiety and even better your sleep! So, if you’re experiencing seasonal affective disorder (a legit thing), hit the gym. You’ll feel a heck of a lot better afterward.

5. Take epic snow selfies.

Who doesn’t love a good selfie once in a while? Switch up your normal indoor selfie routine by throwing on your cutest peacoat, hat, and mitten combo. Before you head out, pair your outfit with a bold red/berry lip (great winter colors!). The cold will give your cheeks a natural rosy flush, and the white background will make all of you stand out—in a good way. Watch those Insta hearts pile up.

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