This Maturing Duckling is the Cutest Thing on the Internet

IMHO, nothing can restore one’s dwindling faith in humanity so well as pictures of cute animals. Even better is that rare story of inter-species kindness. It’s a cruel world out there.

So the story of Goose (a duck…) and his human savior, Oliver, is a pretty sweet treat for those with a case of the blahs. In an eggshell – Goose was abandoned by his mother in an Australian animal park, after being the slowest duckling to hatch. Oliver Roberts first waited to see if Mama Duck would return for her young – but when she did not, he took it upon himself to take the little buddy home.

Flash-forward a few months: Goose, having hatched successfully, is living happily with Oliver and his family’s small menagerie. He is friend to both the family chickens and the family dog, Blue. And as with most water fowl, he’s really grown into his good looks with age:

Now that you’ve gotten some Googly Eyes out of the way, feel free to dive back into the work-day with aplomb! And take Oliver Roberts’ kindness to heart, and look for ways to be good to our furrier and fuzzier friends.

Images courtesy of Imgur.