Make Up For Ever’s versatile Star Lit collection will make you feel like a space fairy

If there’s something we need on a dark and dreary day, (month, let’s be real) it’s a bit of fairy dust to perk us up! Make Up For Ever heard our call and has sent us a stunning new release called the Star Lit Collection to light up our lives. Just in time for the dark months ahead (literally and figuratively)! Sometimes there’s just nothing that a little sparkle and shine can’t fix, especially when we’re feeling down. And hey, with the holidays upon us, we’ll be taking every occasion to make ourselves shimmer like the fairies that we truly are.

The Star Lit Collection features two products, a powder that comes in eight shades and a liquid that is available in five options, so you can pick whichever works best for your skin type and how you prefer to make yourself glow!

That is some seriously rich and bold color!

The Star Lit Powder, which costs $21, is an ultra-fine powder that has eight different shades ranging from metallic to iridescent; and not only will you get some serious shimmer power, but the bright colors will stand out and shine.

The jar has a cool-looking funnel inside so you always get exactly the right amount of powder on your brush, and will help you make a mess if you’re a klutz like some of us!


It can also be applied either wet or dry, depending on how intense you want the coverage. Get it in Frozen Gold, Frozen Purple, Copper, Ivory, Golden Pink, Ultramarine, Gunmetal, and Anthracite Black.


The Star Lit Liquid, $24, is an easy to apply transparent gel that is specially formulated to reflect maximum light. This water-based formula gives long-lasting effects, so you’ll be lookin’ like a mermaid long after you apply it!


It’s a shimmer elixir from the goddesses! And the brush makes it super easy to apply. It comes in shades Arctic White, Pink Beige, Gold Champagne, Golden Peach, and Silver Dust.


Knowing what we know about the quality of products that come out of Make Up For Ever, we’re so thrilled that no only do we get these cool products that are unique and super fun, but they’re also well-crafted and good for our skin.

Grab some for yourself at Sephora or Make Up For Ever!

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