Make Up For Ever’s newest Ultra HD products will nourish and hydrate your winter skin

The winter is a cruel mistress to our skin. The bitter weather that creates snow, while visually appealing, all too often leaves our skin dry up into fish scales until we eventually succumb to the ocean. Luckily, Make Up For Ever’s newest Ultra HD Products were developed with our tragic winter skin needs in mind, and they are here to quench our thirst.

The newest release from Make Up For Ever includes a pair of lip and skin serums specifically formulated to make your skin dewy and plump, even when the hellacious January blizzards are blowing outside your door.

The Ultra HD boosters are supposed to be applied to your skin to add moisture and shine before applying your regular makeup.

Or you can just apply the serums and let your skin rest.

This new pair of Ultra HD boosters aren’t yet available, but they will be released soon to our dry and hungry hands for the ultimate replenishment.

Hopefully, sooner than later because we need a soothing reprieve from the struggles of winter.

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In the meantime, we will be refreshing the homepage on Make Up For Ever‘s website in anticipation.

If nothing else, this gives us another treat to look forward to.

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