Make Up For Ever is expanding its Aqua XL line, and you can look like a human embodiment of a rainbow

The Color Paints are waterproof, creamy eyeshadows that come in different finishes: matte, pearl, and iridescent!

They’re totally budge-proof and can also be used on your lips or as body paint, which is kind of amazing! This is definitely a makeup artist-quality product that we normals can use as well. And we can’t get over how many different shades there are to pick from.

The Ink Liner is a waterproof liquid liner that comes in matte and metallic finishes.

Is there anything better than brightly-colored liquid liners? They add so much pizzazz to a beauty look without a lot of work. If you’re someone who is only just beginning to dabble in brightly colored makeup, these are a perfect option for you!

No word yet on when exactly these additions will officially be added to the Aqua XL collection, but we have a feeling they’ll be headed our way right as summertime hits. Get those wallets ready!

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