This blogger is fed up with fashion’s ridiculous sizing, so she’s calling brands out with the #MakeMySize movement

There is no denying that the fashion industry is taking steps to become more inclusive—popular brands like Madewell and J.Crew are expanding their size range, American Eagle and Aerie feature models with diabetes and vitiligo, and Reformation now has a plus-sized line. Despite this progress, these actions are still in the minority. The vast majority of brands don’t cater to diverse body shapes, making it hard for people who don’t fit into “straight sizes” to find clothes.

One blogger, Katie Sturino, shared her frustrations with the industry’s current fashion sizing. Because of this, she created the #MakeMySize movement on Instagram. After polling her followers on her Insta Stories, she learned that 97% of them “felt that there were not enough cute clothes in your size.” She talked about the movement in an Instagram post, writing:

"While I applaud brands who are making changes to include more sizes, I’m going see if we can work together to let other designers know that they have a whole demographic that wants to shop. Please tag a brand you wish made your size below! I’m starting the #MakeMySizeMovement!

The insane thing is that Katie lists her size as 12ish, which is smaller than the average size U.S. women wear, according to Racked. And as if the lack of size diversity isn’t bad enough, a lot of clothes that are labeled as “plus-size” don’t even necessarily fit properly. Katie shared an experience she had with jeans that were size “32/XL/14.”

She wrote on Instagram,

"I've hit my limit with designers who don't consider my body type! Please post your frustrated fitting room selfies and styles you wish you were available to you with the #MakeMySize hashtag...they are listening...let them know."

The hope is that through the #MakeMySize movement, brands will expand their size ranges.

Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves to look and feel great in their clothes.

Regardless of whether the brands being called out have plans to diversify their sizing, one thing is for sure: Katie’s message is being heard loud and clear.

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