You can now make Luna Lovegood’s wand with this fan-made DIY tutorial

Crafty Potterheads will certainly appreciate this: A YouTuber named CottonBun has created an excellent DIY tutorial on how to make Luna Lovegood’s wand. Even if you already own a Harry Potter wand, it’s good to have a backup in case anyone challenges you to an impromptu wizard duel. Also, Lovegood’s uniquely shaped wand is perfect for those who want one strictly for cosmetic purposes.

According to JK. Rowling’s notes on wand cores, Mr. Garrick Olivander primarily used unicorn hair, dragon heartstring and phoenix feather as a part of his signature wizard handiwork, which presents a bit of a challenge for would-be wandmakers who are also Muggles.

Luckily, YouTuber CottonBun’s DIY tutorial on Lovegood’s wand won’t require you to go shopping in Diagon Alley.

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If you’ll recall, Lovegood owned two wands. Not much is known about their cores or what wood was used to carved them, but the original featured acorn etchings while the second has a spring-inspired, tulip-shaped handle.

CottonBun’s nifty tutorial pretty much nails the tulip design. In addition to using a knitting needle for the body of the wand, the other tools are: sand paper, milliput clay, sculpting tools, acrylic gloss gel and brown acrylic paints.


It’s kind of an ambitious undertaking, but the results are pretty fantastic. CottonBun begins by sanding down the point of the needle, then she removes the ball at the top. Afterwards, she mixes and kneads two equal parts of clay until they’re fully blended into a single color.

Then she uses her hands to create the tulip shape.

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Afterwards she continues to shape the tulip with her fingers and adds decorative touches with a tool before painting the wand. You have to see the full tutorial to witness the magic CottonBun creates with clay and a knitting needle.

Love it! This wand is giving us wonderful witchy feels, and we’re almost positive it would meet Luna Lovegood’s approval.