You can make coffee with your smartphone because the future is now

Some truth: I am not a morning person. Waking up is one of my least favorite things to do, right after emptying the litter box or vacuuming the carpet. Now, thanks to the folks at Spinn Coffee, my mornings can become just a tad bit more pleasant– not to mention, futuristic.

The Spinn Coffee Brewer is a WiFi-controlled device that can make a cup of coffee, espresso, or Americano. The brewer can mimic the taste of both French press and regular ol’ fashion American coffee. As the folks at Tech Insider explained, “Think of it like a Keurig, but without the pods.” Sounds neat– and a lot less wasteful!

Though a commercial version is not yet ready for purchase, the company demonstrated a working prototype for attendees of an event hosted by Make in LA, an accelerator program for hardware-based startup companies– and people liked what they tasted. As Spinn Coffee’s cofounder and CEO Roderick de Rode commented, “We’re on the path to make a better cup of coffee.”

A good cup of coffee I can start brewing from my smart phone?  Sign me up.

The Spinn Coffee Roaster brews coffee using “patented centrifugal force technology,” which spins up the beans fast or slow depending on the style of coffee you’re looking for.

“With centrifugal force, you have an open brewing chamber that rotates like your washing machine at home,” explained Spinn Coffee’s advisor and original patent owner Roland Verbeek.

Verbeek told Daily Coffee News that the centrifugal force generated at 7-8,000 RPMs is enough for the machine to make a “strong” espresso with “fine, velvety” crema, although the motor is capable of spinning up to 12,000 RPMs.

Besides using a centrifuge to generate brewing pressure, the machine also calculates the amount of water to use, automatically grinds the beans, and tells the user’s preferred, pre-selected roasters when you are running low.

If a certain threshold is reached, fresh beans are ordered for delivery. Perfect. There’s nothing more annoying than waking up, craving your caffeine fix, only to discover you’re out of beans. I sound like the monster from Cloverfield when that travesty occurs.

Now if only there was a machine that could brush my teeth while I slept, a la The Jetsons!

(Image via Spinn Coffee)