People are making Christmas trees by stacking their favorite books, and it is literary decor at its finest

Can’t spring for a tree this year? Don’t worry: You can get the same holiday cheer – and look super creative – by making a Christmas tree out of a stack of books.

It sounds crazy, but hear us out: Since you probably have books on hand, it’ll save you a ton of money. Stacking up books is way easier than hauling a Christmas tree home, and you won’t have stray pine needles all over your floor. Best of all, when the holidays are over, you can simply return your books to their rightful place on the bookshelf, leaving no waste!

Some book trees are harder than others to create. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, stack your books in a circle to create a replica of a full-size Christmas tree.

If something a little more, um, down-to-earth is closer to your speed, you can stack books in a tree shape up against a wall. Add to the festive cheer by stringing some lights or garlands, and top with a star.

Bam! Festive and literary? We’re on board.

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