There was a major “Titanic” reunion this week, and we almost missed it

Even though Titanic is on Netflix and we can watch it to our heart’s content, it would be pretty cool to see a cast reunion one of these days, wouldn’t it? Wait, there WAS a major Titanic reunion this week! And it was even documented on social media (#bless). The moment occurred at a charity fundraiser for The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in France. HUZAAH!

The gang is back together…well, Leo, Kate Winslet and Billy Zane. And they’re looking suave as ever, putting their heads together to help fight climate change.

Here’s a snap that Billy Zane posted from the event.

This is bringing us right back to 1997, when Jack, Rose, and the “evil fiancé” were all we cared about.

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The event included an auction to raise money for crucial environmental research, and one of the auctioned items was actually a prop from the movie. Life jacket, anyone? false

Another auctioned item was a dinner with Leo and Kate. Okay, now we’re just jealous.


As if this could get any better, the evening included a performance from Madonna (in an amazing outfit, no less). false

Um, one question…why weren’t we invited?! We’ll let it slip, guys, but just this once. In all seriousness, we are absolutely loving that these old friends got together for such an utterly worthy cause. We love it when celebrities use their public platforms for good (because let’s be real, it would be all too easy to take those Titanic earnings and live out the rest of your life on a private island).

Now excuse us while we go put on Titanic in the background while we work so that we can extract another dose of Leo. See you in three hours.

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