6 major back to school struggles all young mothers know to be true

Back to school season can be exciting for most.

Families meeting their children’s teachers for the first time. Kids receiving new backpacks, clothes and school supplies. Stay-at-home parents finally being able to get work done. You’ll even see a slight decrease in your grocery and electricity bills.

Oh, and your kid will have a bed time again. Ahhh, the gifts just keep on coming.


But before you get to bask in those said gifts, you’ll need to do a ton of prep-work. Prep-work that has the potential to keep your nerves on edge and panties in a wad…especially for all of us “procrastinators.”


Shots are purely the devil’s work. Getting your kid into the doctor’s office before they head back to school is almost impossible. Every other parent in your area is on the grind to make sure those immunizations are up-to-date. And, if they’re not, you can kiss those upcoming lunch-dates goodbye. How deadly can measles really be, anyway?



If your child attends a school that requires uniforms (like mine), this could potentially be the most expensive part of the back-to-school season. Why should we have to pay $50 for an embroidered collared shirt that they will probably outgrow before Thanksgiving? I’ll never understand…


Registration fees

They can add up, and sometimes equate to as much as rent – depending on what kind of school you’re enrolling in. Luckily for me, mine didn’t exceed more than $300 this time around, but that’s still $300 less than what I have left to spend on more important things… Like, the uniform shirts that I’ll have to replace once my 3-year-old outgrows them.



Summers are great because they allow for laxed schedules. However, when school is back in session you’ll have to get reacquainted with your alarm clock. Your kid missing the bus because you got tangled in a Netflix web the night before isn’t a viable excuse. Your colleagues may understand, but your kid’s teacher may not.



If you’re like me, and are completely weirded out by Mommy-and-Me groups, you probably haven’t kept in touch with your kid’s former classmates all summer. Now’s the time to get back in the groove of things, but don’t look to me for advice on how not to do this awkwardly. Sorry…


Sharing all of the not-so-exciting things you’ve done all summer

While other kids may have learned native languages while vacationing in exotic islands, my 3-year-old became fluent in all-things Hawaii 5-0. Because… Netflix. Duh.

Steve McGarrett and Chin Ho Kelly kept him quiet on my work-from-home days, but in hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best idea. Now I’m just praying that he doesn’t “impress” his teacher with his extensive knowledge of cop procedures.


Oh joy.

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