10 major events in a woman’s life that deserve a big party

There are only a few occasions in one’s life where you can throw a party. Your birthday, your wedding, your pregnancy, and sometimes, your college graduation or retirement. But nobody invites me to their just-raised-money-for-Red-Cross party, or their found-a-stray-cat-and-nursed-it-back-to-health party, or their just-finished-their-PHD-thesis party.

There’s a whole host of moments in a woman’s life that deserve a ton of fanfare. Why aren’t we celebrating more seriously…

1. Rescuing an animal?


Invite us over to come look at how you nursed fluffy back to health after finding her out on the streets.

2. Passing the bar?


This means you are very smart, talented, and determined. You deserve ALL THE CAKES!

3. Getting a promotion or a raise?


This deserves more than just a status update!

4. Getting that dream job?


We should celebrate getting a job just as much as we celebrate living another year, right?

5. Finishing your thesis?


It’s hard work and some people even call their “thesis” – their “baby.”

6. Getting placed in the hospital where you’re going to spend the next ten years in residency?


That’s basically like being married to a hospital!

7. Surviving a life-threatening illness?


Is your cancer in remission? Did you loose 200 lbs? Let’s celebrate it all!

8. Buying your first home?


In this economy, that’s basically like buying a castle.

9. Starting a charity?


Uhmmm, if you’re not hosting a gala, we’ll host one for you! This is a big deal!

10. Opening your own firm?


You’re a doctor now!? A lawyer? A shrink!? This deserves more than a pat on the back!

What else have you accomplished that you’d like a party for! Let us know!