There may be a MAJOR change to Twitter

We all know the #struggleisreal when it comes to expressing yourself in just 140 characters in a tweet. All that is about to change, according to Bloomberg, because Twitter will reportedly stop counting links and photos as part of its 140-character limit. Yes, we may be getting more space to tweet!


Twitter automatically shortens URLs down to 23 characters, which takes up precious real estate in a tweet. If this major change happens, we’ll all get to be a little more verbose in our tweets — or at least stop shortening words like “ur” and “srsly.” Our English teachers will be so thrilled!

Twitter wouldn’t comment on this most excellent news, but an anonymous source told Bloomberg the change might roll out in just two weeks. And it’s about time! Earlier this year, rumors went around that Twitter was considered increasing character limits to way, way higher to 10,000 characters. With that amount, you could tweet an entire term paper or compose a list of everything you love about Ryan Gosling in one tweet. But it wasn’t meant to be, at least not yet, and frankly we’re okay with that. Keeping tweets short(ish) and sweet(ish) is much more like the Twitter we know and love!

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