Maisie Williams gave the fiercest response to a wardrobe-shaming headline

You know how around every awards season that very important hashtag #AskHerMore starts trending? If you don’t know what we’re talking about here are the SparkNotes: #AskHerMore encourages interviewers to ask women on the red carpet about more than what they’re wearing, like, for instance, maybe asking about the baller work they’re doing?

The bottom line is #AskHerMore is important, and we should really be incorporating #AskHerMore into all aspects of our discussions on women’s work — i.e. we need to focus way less on judging what women are wearing, and instead talk about the work that landed them at these heavily photographed events in the first place. Spoiler alert: Only occasionally does it have to do with their designer duds.

Maisie Williams — who we admit, we often accidentally call Arya Stark — is the latest woman we love to bring attention to the way women are regarded more for that they look like than what they’ve actually done.

Maisie recently attended the Summer Masquerade Ball for the NSPCC. The NSPCC is an organization that helps children who are victims of abuse. Does it matter what Maisie wore to that event? Not really, no. Still, one outlet made a headline all about Maisie going “braless” to the event. Maisie didn’t let that just slide on by, and instead she tweeted a response that shows exactly where we should be directing our attention. false

Rather than being about what she wore, Maisie’s version is about what she did: helped “raise thousands.” Right on.

Maisie’s point is well taken and totally empowering. Let’s talk way more about women’s work, and way less about what they wore.