OMG: We’re pretty sure Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner just got matching BFF tattoos

Since we’ve all been following it closely, we know that Game of Thrones has finally starting filming for Season 7, and we are SO excited. The stars are back to their various filming locations, including a bunch of them hanging out once again in Belfast. A pair of our favorite besties, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were both hanging out in the city, and they dropped a little tease of their activities, and it is HUGE news!

We’re pretty sure that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner got matching tattoos.

Yeah, you heard us right. According to Watchers on the Wall, the ladies were spotted going into a tattoo parlor. We don’t know about you, but to us, that looks like the bandage from a new tattoo wrapped around Maisie’s left arm there.

It’s MUCH harder to see, because Sophie’s right arm is behind Maisie, but just below the elbow, we think we can see the same bandage. Which means that these two just solidified themselves as best friends for life by getting matching tattoos.

This would not be the first tattoo for Sophie, who has already revealed the finger tattoo she has.

The five hash marks reportedly represent her 5 family members, as we wrote about here, so clearly, Sophie loves reminding herself about the people she is close to.

We would not be at ALL surprised that these ladies did something like that, because they definitely heart one another.

Sophie posted this ADORABLE picture of these two hanging out together a few months ago.

But the big question is, what might these two matching tattoos look like? Maisie gives us a clue via her Instagram.

See that caption? 07.08.09? That looks like a date, and, according to Watchers on the Wall, the casting of these two ladies was announced in August of 2009, so we’re betting this is the day they met.

Tattoos are one of those things that have a way of really solidifying friendships.

This news makes us so excited for them, we just have to dance!