Maisie Williams called into a radio show Kit Harington was on to ask him to hang out

Sometimes, when you miss a really good friend, you just can’t fight the urge to reach out to them the second something reminds you that you want to hang out with them. That happened to Maisie Williams recently, but since she’s, you know, Maisie Williams, that friend was her Game of Thrones costar, Kit Harington, and the moment that reminded her they needed to hang out was when she heard him talking on the radio.

Rather than just text Kit right then and there, however, Maisie made the BEST life choice and called in to the radio station to talk to Kit on the air and try to make plans with him while thousands listened.

“Oh my god. I can’t quite believe I’m here. It’s Maisie Williams,” she said when she called in to BBC Radio 1. “I just thought that we were such good friends that he would understand, but clearly I misjudged this whole relationship.” She’s joking, of course. Kit totally understood and even joked back that making plans on the air saved him from a lot of texts, so really, everyone won here. Especially us. We won the most.

Listen to the whole conversation yourself below.