Maisie Williams’ polaroid of her climbing a tree will make your heart smile

Even though her onscreen Game of Thrones sibling Bran is the one known for his climbing abilities (at least former climbing abilities which caused a whole lot of trouble for everybody), it turns out that Maisie Williams has some sweet upward scaling abilities as well. Then again, at this point we believe this girl can do (or be?) practically anything.

But in typical Maisie fashion, when she shows something impressive, she does so with the most fun and in the most creatively entertaining way. Just like in this recent Insta post where she shows off a picture of herself climbing a tree… while obviously also in a tree.

And she perfectly captions it, “mais in a tree, in a tree” because of course she does. As much as we’d love to have a GoT-inspired theory about what exactly is going on here in this Inception-style picture, the truth is it look like the talented actress seems to just love being in nature and this is just a playful way of showing it (which we already knew because Arya Stark is quite outdoorsy herself and we naturally assume she is all the sweetest parts of Arya Stark along with being her badass real-life self).

The best part about this picture (other than the obviously adorable entertainment value of the branches everywhere), is just how happy Williams looks in the playful polaroid she posted. Though part of her face is covered up with some leaves, she’s still so obviously delighted it’s infectious. Not to mention, she refers to herself as “mais” which is an absolutely perfect nickname that we all need to start doing the same ASAP.

Thanks for the sweet post, Mais. And best of luck with those mad climbing skills.