Maisie Williams just made the most hilarious spoof and now we’re even more obsessed with her

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Maisie Williams more than we already do, she goes and shows off the fact that she has a killer sense of humor and an incredible instinct for comedy. During a commercial for the UK-based internet provider, Three UK, Maisie talked about her frustrations with “black spots.” The whole intro is set up to clearly make you think this is a skincare commercial before it takes a perfect twist and reveals that it’s simply a playful spoof of that style.

The perfectly glowing actress smiles at the camera and talks about the difficultly of being a teenager with delightfully creative language that makes you think she’s about to wash her face with a miracle cream at any moment (while also reminding you she’s one of the most beloved characters on an internationally popular TV show).

She says, “Guys, let’s face the stark reality” and “Black spots were an enemy I just couldn’t conquer.”

In her frustration, she says she feels disconnected and cracks us up by sadly staring at a symbolic turtle.


The actress actually cries some (hilariously dramatic) fake tears about her precarious situation that make us feel bad for her (even if we’re not yet clear exactly why those “black spots” are causing our dear Arya Stark so much strife). The commercial quickly pivots, keeping the theme of clearing “black spots” but making it obvious that it means getting better wireless coverage through a phone not some acne cleanser after all.

Oh, then she yawns like she’s bored and it’s perfection.


The commercial somehow gets even funnier by talking about how far Maisie has come in her life thanks to this phone.

The narrator says, “Once she had no friends and no stylist. By age 11, she still didn’t have a job,” while a montage of baby Maisie pictures are shown and our worlds become complete.


She then pokes fun at her superstardom and pretends to be a total diva as the camera gets too close for her comfort. In short, this entire spoof commercial is nothing short of amazing and we cannot stop watching.