Maisie Williams posts close up photos so you can see how gorgeous her gothic lipstick for the SAG awards was

Is vampire-chic a thing? We’re hoping so, especially now that we have some major goth beauty inspiration courtesy of Game of ThronesMaisie Williams’ gothic lip and bold brow combo. This girl was owning the SAG red carpet this weekend, and now she’s won our hearts. Typically fall is dark lip season, but rules are made to be broken! Her look is at once Victorian, Westeros (she’s around otherwordly medieval stuff all day, it was bound to rub off a little!) and modern 2017 style all at once. We are dying to try Maisie’s pale faced, dark featured look at our next gala event. Or, ya know…this Saturday’s brunch.

Say hello to the most beautiful vampire we’ve ever laid eyes on.

It’s mysterious and yet so charming, especially on someone who could have gone majorly colorful on the red carpet. Maisie’s dress was a satin, pale rose colored gown that made her look like a painting in an old vintage shop. Girl’s got her own individual voice and style and we love it.


Her accessories were metallic (very 2017) and just the right amount of gaudy Hollywood bling against a sea of dusty rose silkiness (dat clutch, tho!). Her manicure included one perfect little accent nail in rose gold, an idea that we are most definitely stealing, asap.


Inspired by Maisie’s effortless gothic glamour? We know we are!

To try your own version, comb and gently tease your eyebrows up and off your face. Fill your brows in with light strokes of a slightly darker pencil or powder than your natural shade, and apply a dusty pink shadow all over lids. This is a very matte look, so no highlighting necessary (unless you’re already smitten with a matte highlighter), just a flush of pink on the cheek and a matte bronze to hollow out those cheekbones. Slick on a few coats of black mascara and find the vampiest shade of lipstick you own. Line lips first, then apply color with a lipbrush to get those super precise lines and you are good to go!

Maisie makes it look easy, but we’re sure this is a look to practice to get just right. Try it out on a cold wintery night, when the chilly air will flush your cheeks for you — no product necessary! And don’t forget a selfie!

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