Maisie Williams looks adorably cozy with this mysterious dude and we have questions

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has made us all fall in love with her fabulous performance as Arya on the show. And in the real world, Maisie Williams stuns us with her style constantly. Maisie has of course started filming Game of Thrones Season 7, and we are so excited. We can’t wait to see what Arya will do next season.

And this past weekend, Maisie surprised us. Her Instagram feed suggests that there might be a new special someone in her life, and we want to know all the details.

Maisie Williams posted this photo snuggling with a guy, and we have SO many questions.

Maisie looks pretty cuddly with this guy, and we want to know what the story is. Of course, Maisie keeps things casual and vague by not adding a caption, but her smile makes her look pretty happy.

The boy is Bill Milner, an actor that stars in the upcoming film iBoy with Maisie. Is it possible that there was maybe a budding romance on set? Then again, they could just be close friends. Regardless, we wish Maisie would fill us in.

Maisie posted a second (still caption-less) photo with him that adds to the cuteness.

Both of them look like they’ve been surprised by a friend taking their picture. But they still look pretty adorable together sharing sandwiches.

Luckily, Bill’s Instagram gives us a few more clues.

"Honey, we're home!"

Well, we’re glad to see a caption, but it’s not giving us that many more answers. Of course, “honey” could be suggestive of a couple. But it could also just be a silly joke between pals.

It really is nice to see her laughing with a guy other than The Hound for once.

C’mon, Maisie, just give us the scoop on you two. Either way, we love the adorable photos!