Maisie Williams channels the Little Mermaid on dreamy vacation

The Game of Thrones cast is on vacation right now. Emilia Clarke is on a boat with Johnny Knoxville. Kit Harrington is doing something fun (probably) in secret (maybe) because he doesnt’ have an Instagram, so we honestly have no idea what he’s up to. But we DO know what Maisie Williams is doing!

She is vacationing in Italy and sharing these serene snaps from her coastal holiday.

Uhmm, jelly.

She also posted this cute solo snap where she channeled her inner mermaid.

“I’m Ariel, minus the tail and the tits.”


Maisie’s vacay looks a lot more serene than say, Emilia’s trip. That being said, we totally want to join her on this party boat, tbh.

And Maisie’s pal Sophie Turner is currently biking around Spain on an equally enviable vacation. Le sigh.

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