Maisie Williams just low-key revealed her normal, non-actor boyfriend on social media

Though her character Arya Stark’s idea of romance would probably consist of a murder spree, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams — who debuted her boyfriend, Ollie Jackson, on her Instagram page over the weekend — apparently prefers fancy dates in Paris in real life.

…And really, can you blame her?

Williams and Jackson have been dating for quite some time, with Williams telling British InStyle that she’d been dating a mystery man for over a year back in April of 2016. But until Sunday night, Williams had never shared photos of the lad on social media, or given fans any major clues about his identity.

This all changed when the couple hit the town in Paris post-Valentine’s Day. Williams shared a photo of she and Jackson decked out in formal wear, captioning the pic “What a tasty dish ?.”

Jackson also shared photos of Williams enjoying the Louvre…

…And joked about his first public appearance with the typically private actress, noting in his caption that he’d “made it” and was sleeping his way “to the top.”

However, this doesn’t mean that Jackson is angling for fame, of course. Williams also told InStyle way back when that her man was a normal, everyday dude that she met in school.

“People feel it’s strange that someone who’s famous can go out with someone who’s normal,” she explained. “I don’t meet anyone else. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I don’t go to all these parties. I don’t meet the other young, male actors. I just like normal people, I guess.”

As fellow normal people, we are totally on board with celebrities dating our kind — but is it cool if we also really, really hope to see Williams and Jackson double-date with Sophie Turner and her decidedly un-normal boyfriend Joe Jonas?

A girl [who has no name] can dream.

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