Maisie Williams is about to see Beyonce live, so that’s another reason to be jealous of her

We lust after the lives of all of the Game of Thrones cast, pretty much (although, TBH, it’s hard to envy Kit Harington standing on the cold, cold Wall for six seasons). They get to travel to amazing locations to shoot the series. They hang out as a group and seem to have the MOST FUN at Comic-Con every single year. They take epic vacations in their off time. They basically live the best lives.

And now, Maisie Williams is giving the world one more reason to be jealous of her life (as if we needed another). Just minutes ago, Maisie took to Instagram to share #OOTD. Of course, it’s not just the outfit of ANY old day — it’s the outfit of an “I’m-going-to-a-Beyoncé-concert” day. #JEALOUS.

So what did Maisie choose to wear to Beyoncé’s London show? Glittery silver pants that we want RIGHT NOW, a black tube top, and a silver necklace emblazoned with her own name, that’s what. The entire look is perfection.

“GLITTERY PANTS OUT, READY FOR YONCÉ ??????? @beyonce @wembleystadiumofficial,” Maisie captioned the pic.

Next on our life to-do list: Become BFFs with Maisie Williams.

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