Maisie Williams is dropping truth about the way adults underestimate teens

Game of Thrones star and all-round kick-butt human Maisie Williams has strong opinions about the way adults view teens and, like her onscreen alter ego Arya Stark, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. As any teen knows all too well, sometimes adults just don’t get it. Yes, they try and yes, they were teens once too, but in a totally different time full of totally different experiences. Maisie is an amazing, respected actress and she’s surrounded by amazing, talented people on the set of GoT all the time, but even she has to struggle to be taken seriously by members of the older generations.

“People think we’re f–king stupid and we don’t know anything about anything. It’s really degrading,” Maisie told Dazed magazine in the interview for its Spring/Summer cover story. “I get a lot of adults who are like, ‘You don’t know sh-t,’ and it’s like, ‘You don’t know sh-t. You have no idea what it’s like to be 17 years old.’”

Wow. The language is strong, but so is the point. It’s obvious that Maisie feels super passionately about adults’ unfortunate tendency to underestimate teens. Luckily, with outspoken young people her taking the lead, those tides could be turning. And speaking of leadership, Maisie knows that being in the public eye makes her a de facto role model to lots of her fellow teens — she just hopes that young people are looking up to her for the right reasons.

“Whether I like it or not, I’ve become influential to people. I don’t wanna be liked just because I’m pretty. That’s f–king boring, and I’m not that,” she said. “Lots of young people in the industry try to play it cool, but … I’d much rather be liked because people realize that I’m standing up for myself.”

Well, Maisie, we definitely like you because you stand up for yourself (and, you know, for about a thousand other reasons).

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