Magnetic false eyelashes are here — because the future of beauty is now

Applying false eyelashes is a task like no other, one that may end with lash glue and tears streaming down your face. That would explain why so many people are opting for lash extensions, which are pretty much made for people with active lifestyles (and for preventing you from crying eyelash-related tears).

However, there’s a new eyelash invention in town, one that may change our beauty routines for the better: magnetic eyelashes.

One Two Lash is the company behind such a futuristic creation. What they’ve developed is a set of four lashes (two for each eye) which use magnets to sandwich your actual lashes. All without glue or a sticky adhesive! Plus, the company claims that their lashes are lightweight and time-saving.

What’s perhaps the best part is that these magnetic lashes are reusable! Now, you won’t have to feel weird about spending money on fake lashes you’re just going to throw in the trash (or lose) later on. In the end, buying a bunch of fake lashes adds up, so that may make One Two Lash’s $59 price tag worth it in the end (depending on how often you apply falsies, of course).

To get your hands on these high-tech lashes, you can pre-order the product and choose from four different lash options: original, bold, accent, and filler. Because the future is now.

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