All the fictional witches we’d love to have in our coven

Witches are kind of awesome. They get to cast spells, brew potions, and wreak havoc–both good on evil–on the world. From their ominous and unique sense of style to their clever trickery, witches are the clear queens of Halloween. And you gotta respect their strange array of kitchen ingredients and chosen pets. So let us salute some of the most magical, spell-casting, mischief-makers from film and TV.

1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Teenagers are always getting a bad rap, so you’d think a teenage witch would’ve taken the evil-attitude cake. But, no! Sabrina proved while she may create mayhem all around her, she had the best intentions at heart. And she had the best witch sidekick ever: sassy Salem the cat.

2. The entire Craft Coven

These witches showed us what probably would’ve happened to Sabrina had she traveled down a different magical road. They taught us the perils of playing with dark magic, while still managing to look all ’90s fabulous. Plus, playing Light as a Feather with them looked pretty rad.

3. Hermione Granger

Duh. Like there could even be a witch list without her on it. Clever, loyal, and brave, Hermione is the best sort of witch. And Harry and Ron would basically be dead without her. All hail, Hermione!

4. Willow Rosenberg

Willow is a complicated witch, torn between good and evil. Sure, she almost destroyed the world once, but nobody’s perfect. She just had a lot of feelings.

5. Fiona Goode

American Horror Story: Coven simply could not be without Fiona. She was the Supreme for crying out loud. Definitely one of the darkest witches you’ll ever run into. But having her on your side? Nobody would mess with you.

6. The Wicked Witch of the West

Simple, classic, and doesn’t do well when mixed with water. And you’ve got to admire a woman who has a fleet of flying monkeys to do her bidding.

7. The Sanderson Sisters

I’m pretty sure Halloween wouldn’t even be a thing without Hocus Pocus. They were taken from us too soon. They were going to learn French.

8. The Halliwell Sisters

And while we’re on sister witches, there’s no better team of do-gooders than this bunch. They should’ve gone head-to-head with the Sandersons. It’s all about The Power of Three.

9. The Grand High Witch

Anjelica Huston is glamorous, sophisticated, and completely wretched. She’s a terrifying monster of a creature. Just the way some witches should be!

10. Maleficent

A witch so iconic they made a whole separate movie just for her. Her newly developed back story explains that she’s not bad, she’s just needs to learn to love and trust again, you guys!

11. Samantha Stephens

The nose wiggle! The fashion! The endless misunderstandings only a beloved sitcom like Bewitched can provide! Samantha makes being a magical housewife look like a ball.

12. Glinda the Good Witch

We can’t let the Wicked Witch get away with being the only one repping Oz. Hell, her dress should probably get its own spot.

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