Here are all the magical moments in the new “BFG” trailer

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing one of your most beloved children’s stories come to life onscreen before your eyes. Especially when it’s obvious the story is going to be absolutely amazing in every way. Disney’s upcoming magical adventure film, The BFG, looks like it’s set to exceed even our wildly optimistic expectations.

The story is of course based on the popular Roald Dahl book. From the trailer, it appears that the House of Mouse and director Steven Spielberg will be doing the beloved story justice. There are so many magical moments packed into this amazing trailer that it’s totally (and wonderfully) overwhelming.

The scary and beautiful moment before you see the big friendly giant’s big smiling face

All you see is a scared, live-action Sophia in what is otherwise and animated fantasy world. And it makes you like… whoa.


The smile that changes everything

And then the giant introduces himself to the trembling girl and his smile melts your heart.


When the scary guys show up

It doesn’t take long before we meet some not-so friendly giants. And, while they’re totally terrifying, they’re also amazing to look at. Not to mention, we start love the main giant even more because we see him protecting Sophia despite the fact that he’s clearly much smaller than these huge oafs.


But everything about the world is gorgeous

Soon, the BFG starts introducing Sophia to parts of his totally magical world and it’s absolutely wondrous.


Especially when he finds her a dream of her own.


And then again when we see the BFG catching the dreams like fireflies.


When all the bonding makes you misty

Soon, the tiny Sophia teaching this giant man how to be brave and you start to realize your eyes are watering.


And they clearly have become close friends and you’ve suddenly run out of tissues because friendship is beautiful.

And you want to follow them into a cloud

And the fantastical world we get a glimpse of in the trailer ends with the giant jumping directly into a cloud and you wish you had a time machine to make it July 1 already so you can get fully immersed in this incredible story.


Enjoy the whole thing yourself here:

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