The magic of the supermoon can help us cope with our post-election emotions

Right now, more than ever, we need to believe in magic – specifically, the magic of the human spirit. It’s what keeps us fighting for what we believe in, and it’s what keeps us from giving up when it feels like giving up is the only option. Today, our thoughts may be dark and frazzled, and far from being positive. But tomorrow, we must begin fighting again because we can’t let fear kill our human spirit.

And although right now this turn of events is the “big picture,” we must force ourselves to look at the bigger picture. Tides still ebb and flow. The sun still rises and sets. The moon still orbits the Earth. Us natural beings must look to those natural forces, like the upcoming supermoon, for inspiration.

They don’t give up, and neither will we.

For those of us who listen closely to what nature has to say, there are numerous ways to reap the positive benefits of November 14th’s supermoon and apply them to life going forward. The easiest, and perhaps most impactful, way is to simply acknowledge its presence.

Monday’s supermoon is a literal huge reminder that there are bigger influences for us humans to contend with. A spectacle like this hasn’t happened in almost 70 years, and we have no control over that. Therefore, we have to take the occurrence of the supermoon as a sign that everything will be ok.

Set aside an hour or so on Sunday night or Monday morning to sit somewhere with a clear view of the moon, preferably outside. If you must stay inside, sit comfortably in front of a large window and burn a soothing, scented candle or incense. If you have a chunk of clear quartz, hold that in your palm to improve energy flow.

According to intuitive and author of Moon Spells, Diane Ahlquist, when the moon is at its fullest, it is also at its most powerful. She writes, “[the full moon] is a time of fulfillment, activity, increased psychic ability, for perfecting ideas, ‘getting your act together,’ celebrations, or renewing commitments to people or projects.”

And of course, with the moon being so close to Earth on Sunday night/Monday morning, all of this full moon potential is increased tenfold.

If you choose to meditate on Sunday night, focus on healing your mind and soul. Sunday is ruled by the Sun, the “planet” of healing, success, and obtaining goals, according to Salem witch Laurie Cabot’s Book of Spells and Enchantments. Use your time Sunday night, paired with the power of the supermoon, to seek out the positivity drained from this week and figure out the change you wish to bring to the current state of society.

For those of you who wish to meditate Monday morning at 8:52 AM, during the supermoon’s peak fullness, take into consideration that Monday (sweetly enough) is ruled by the Moon, meaning you’ll be at your own peak fullness when it comes to psychic endeavors, invoking power, and receiving divine or inspirational messages, says Ahlquist. Open your mind to accept messages from beyond pertaining to what your next move should be during this tumultuous time.

But if meditation isn’t enough for you, and you want to feel like you’re making change happen now, this supermoon will have huge effects on any rituals you perform, or charms you make.

Gillian Kemp, author of The Good Spell Book, offers a protection spell. Simply bless a horseshoe or iron nail in salt water and bury it in a garden or potted plant of the person you wish to protect, leaving the tip poking out of the earth. While you’re burying it say, “Ill health I do tell, Run through this iron, [Name of person], is free and well.” Kemp has a solid collection of spells for happiness and health, if you’re looking to invest in a positive spell book.

A reminder for those who are considering performing ill-willed magic: Anything you put out into the world, comes back to you threefold. Karma is very real and will bite you in the butt if you invite it to.

On November 14th, please take time to reset your mind and look at the current state of affairs with a clear conscious. We have the drive and the natural instinct to keep going, so in order to do that, we must accept what has happened, and charge forth with intention and positivity.

Let’s all take a minute Sunday night and Monday morning to take a deep breath, realize we are not alone, and focus on how each of us can better our situation and ultimately feel safe again in our natural home.

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