“The Magic School Bus” is coming back — it’s time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

In LITERALLY the best turn of events of our lives, our FAVE show from childhood is getting the revival treatment. We’re talking about… The Magic School Bus!!

In case you somehow missed out on this amazing, educational, and hilarious show so many of us were lucky to grow up on, it follows Ms. Frizzle, the brilliant and a little bit crazy teacher who takes her students on trips in her magic school bus that traverses time and space. (We also feel the need to mention that Ms. Frizzle is definitely River Song, okay? Okay.) It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s educational, and we’re SUPER excited to (a) nostalgically watch the revival and (b) that a whole new generation gets to enjoy it.

The revival already has a lot of the former participants involved — Stu Stone, voice of Ralphie, will be producing — and also has its eye on some celebrity cameos, which we’re preeeetty excited about.

"There are tons of cameos planned. I know that there are big stars who want to be involved in this," Stone told TMZ. "And there's a whole generation of people who grew up on this series that want to be a part of it now that it's back."

Thus far, Netflix is keeping everything under wraps — we don’t even have a premiere date — but BOY OH BOY are we excited to hop on our favorite school bus again. Now, “Seat belts, everyone!”

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