Seatbelts, everyone! Kate McKinnon will voice Miss Frizzle in Netflix’s “Magic School Bus” reboot

Get ready to go back to school! In case you hadn’t heard, Netflix is rebooting your favorite 90s kids cartoon The Magic School Bus. Now, you might be feeling a little skeptical but we’ve got some awesome news to share that will surely get you on board. Kate McKinnon, who we most recently saw as a Ghostbuster in between her weekly bouts of hilariousness on Saturday Night Live, will voice Miss Frizzle.

Insert squeal here! That’s right, Kate will bring her zaniness to one of the coolest teachers ever.

The original Miss Frizzle was voiced by the amazing Lily Tomlin, who was recently recognized for her amazing career at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Although, they forgot to mention The Magic School Bus, somehow.


Stu Stone, who originally voiced Ralphie, told TMZ that some of the original crew will be returning as new characters in the reboot. So are you ready to hop on the bus? You can now watch all of the original episodes on Netflix to study up. Prepare yourself for the upcoming new episodes by reliving all of your old favorites. Go become a reptile! Go dive into the human body! Now is your chance to be a kid again and climb on the Magic School Bus.

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for the reboot but we’re pretty excited to get more hints of what voices might show up on the new show. Here we go!

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