All the thoughts we had while watching the new ‘Magic Mike’ trailer

Yesterday, we got a little tease of the new Magic Mike when the movie’s first poster suddenly started gracing our desktops. Now today, we’ve got the full trailer. After only a minute and a half, it’s already clear that this is probably going to be one of the best movies ever made. Not exaggerating.

The first Magic Mike was so campy and over-the-top and melodic and emotional and it was GREAT. It doesn’t hurt the movie that it’s based on Channing Tatum’s real life experience as a stripper — honestly, that makes the movie a little endearing.

This trailer for Mike part deux puts the XXL into the title’s name, because well yeah. The movie follows the boys as they hit the road for a stripper convention and it appears they hold nothing back. Now look with your eyes onto the trailer, because I’ve got some deep thoughts about it. Here are those thoughts. Those totally lucid thoughts. Those thoughts that are completely not affected by the majesty and glory that is these sultry men and their sultry moves.

1. It feels like Channing is shaking his head at us, because he knows what we’re here for, and he just wants to keep on welding. It’s actually kind of funny. It’s such a subtle little head shake.

2. Then the music really kicks in, and you wonder how much time they spent making sure that the welding sparks and the Ginuwine beats would sync up EXACTLY right.

3. There is absolutely no way Ginuwine EVER could have predicted a moment in the sun quite like this.

4. Guys who know how to dance, and dance really well, are the best, no?

5. Then we get a shot of all the guys in the car, and suddenly I’m REALLY SAD Matthew McConaughey won’t be back for this round.

6. Adam Rodriguez’s hair, though. I need to know what product he’s using to keep his curls so bouncy. My hair in Florida does NOT do that.

7. First images of them actually stripping. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this is a movie about stripping — really.

8. Matt Bomer looks like he’s having fun. I already miss USA’s White Collar.

9. There appears to be a stronger female presence in this movie. Hmm.

10. Maybe even some full-fledged female characters? Or is that asking too much? What would the One-Dimensional Female Character in Any Male-Driven Comedy have to say about this?

11. Gratuitous chest shot.

12. Happy Wednesday!

13. Doesn’t it kind of look like Joe Manganiello’s head is superimposed onto his body. It’s the beard.

14. This movie appears to be worth the price of admission.

15. The trailer even tells us YOU’RE WELCOME. It’s like it’s reading our mind. (*whispers* “thank you.”)

16. Does anyone else kind of secretly hope that Jonah Hill makes a cameo?

17. His bromance with Channing is probably my favorite bromance in Hollywood.

18. Also, does anyone else secretly think about how amazing a Magic Mike/Pitch Perfect cross over would be? It’s just an idea I had if anyone is interested. I feel like Anna Kendrick would be interested in this idea.

19. Channing’s introduction of “Magic, Magic Mike,” and then a little spin is the best part about the trailer.

20. What do you guys think? Seriously, on a scale from 1 to XXL, how excited are you?

And yea, here’s the full trailer.