Maggie on “The Walking Dead” is going to go after you-know-who

On The Walking Dead we love that our favorite characters sometimes manage to get revenge when they’re wronged, and it’s seriously starting to look like Maggie will seek vengeance on Negan. And after the traumatic Season 7 premiere, we think she — and the entire group — has earned it.

The Season 7 premiere killed two beloved characters: Abraham and Glenn. While losing them both was horrible, what was worse was losing their future. We won’t get to see Glenn becoming a father, or the group itself continuing on together. TWD creator Robert Kirkman explained why Glenn had to die, though, and it makes sense. Also, a lot of it has to do with his wife, Maggie.

We know from Season 6 that Maggie is on track to become an incredible leader. While Glenn’s death could destroy her, it’s actually going to be a catalyst for some of those qualities to grow. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, talked to Entertainment Weekly about what’s in store for her character this season.

When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, it was to break Rick, the group’s leader. He didn’t know Maggie was also becoming a leader herself.

“It’s funny because Negan already sees that Maggie has submitted in a way because she’s so physically crippled," Lauren explained. "And I think that once the worst has happened, then that surge of adrenaline comes and there’s nothing she can do.

We see that the whole group is utterly helpless as they watch two of their own get viciously murdered. Maggie, at least, won’t be broken by it.

Says Cohan, “But what Negan’s actions do to Maggie is light this crazy fuse. And we’ll see that burn pretty strong.”

Based on the end of the season premiere, we know that Maggie is heading to the Hilltop. There, she may just blossom into that leader. Cohan hints that Maggie and Sasha will rely on each other as they cope – but that there is also a reckoning coming for Negan.

“It’s a really interesting spiritual journey that she goes on. Sasha and her are gonna be incredibly tight and they really need each other, and they really lean on each other. Within all the drive and the violence that the group has to perform and to undergo, there is going to be honor to our fallen.”

While we can’t know exactly how it’ll happen, it definitely seems that the group will find a way to take revenge on Negan.