The only person who still hasn’t watched ‘Downton Abbey’ is Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith definitely didn’t become an international treasure for a lack of honesty, that’s for sure.

While Downton Abbey was still being filmed, the iconic actress revealed that she hadn’t watched the show  – mainly because she didn’t want to deal with self-doubt. During an interview with 60 Minutes, Smith explained, “It’s frustrating. I always see things that I would like to do differently and think, ‘Oh, why in the name of God did I do that?’” Instead of watching her performances, she prefers to revel in the “delight of acting.”

However, Dame Smith did say that she would watch the series when it comes to an inevitable end. “I’m going to be lying down,” she told the International Business Times, after they asked about her plans post-Downton. “The other thing I’ll be doing it is watching it, I’ll get the box set and have a good look. I certainly haven’t watched anything that I’ve done and I have seen some of it, but I want to sit down and look at it all.” Considering that the popular show’s actresses had to wear corsets, we imagine that the “sit down” part is very important now that the series’ finale was just released (in the UK).

And when did it all come to a close? On December 25th, the show’s Christmas special aired and festively ended Downton Abbey (Downton Abbey’sfinale sixth season will premierein the US on Jan. 3). Although this happened only a few days ago, people are already wondering if Maggie Smith has begun binge-watching the program.

The answer: “No,” Dame Smith told Sunday Morning. “But they gave me the boxed set. And I’m going to do all sorts of things now, ’cause I’m free!”

Luckily, we can still watch the actress in her latest movie, The Lady in the Van. In the film, she plays a real-life woman named Miss Shepherd, who spent 15 years living in a van parked in playwright Alan Bennett’s driveway. (Alright, so the Dowager Countess has left the building.)

She’s clever. She’s honest. She’s talented… Is there anything Dame Maggie Smith can’t do? (This is a rhetorical question because the answer is obviously No way!.)

[Image via Carnival Film & Television]

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