Mae Whitman wore the BEST “Gilmore Girls” shirt to the premiere of “A Year in the Life”, proves she’s a superfan

All of us claim to be Gilmore Girls super-fans. We visit the Luke’s Diner pop-ups, discuss our favorite episodes at parties, proudly claim over takeout dinner whether we prefer Jess or Dean or Logan. But actress Mae Whitman, who has a cameo in the Gilmore Girls revival, just proved she is the biggest Gilmore Girls fan by wearing the most awesome outfit to the premiere. Some of you might remember her as Lorelai actress Lauren Graham’s “other daughter.” After all, she played Lauren Graham’s daughter on the underrated show Parenthood for six seasons. The two have fantastic mother-daughter chemistry, worthy of Rory and Lorelai’s greatest conversations.

Check out Mae Whitman’s fantastic “Gilmore Girls” shirt!

The “I’m With Lorelai” shirt is also a nod, of course, to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign slogan, “I’m With Her.”

This is a reference both Gilmore girls would appreciate!

Mae Whitman’s entire pantsuit makes us green with envy.


While not much is known about Mae Whitman’s role on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, we fully suspect there will be intense witty dialogue. And we know for certain that Mae Whitman is just as excited as we are for her part on the show. Just take a look at her social media:

Fun with photoshop:

It’s like something out of Twin Peaks!

Universes colliding…

Mae Whitman seemed to have a blast at the premiere, giving a shout-out to fashion designer Rachel Antonoff while sitting under the famous Stars Hollow gazebo:

For those of us who can’t get enough of Mae Whitman, we recommend rewatches of Parenthood or Arrested Development, where Mae Whitman played the delightful “her?” Ann Veal. We bet Arrested Development is a show Rory and Lorelai Gilmore would totally binge watch!