Mae Whitman shared how her parents helped her survive child stardom, and it’s important

We ~love~ Mae Whitman and miss watching her in Parenthood soooo much. Well, tbh, we also miss Parenthood sooo much. Now, Mae Whitman shared how her parents helped her survive child stardom, reported People, and it’s important. ICYMI, 28-year-old Whitman’s been acting since she was a toddler.

“My parents did such a good job over the years of never making this bigger than what was going to make me feel good and where my heart was, Whitman told People. “If I wanted to go on a field trip instead of doing a movie, [they] were supportive. They would be like, ‘Don’t do it! Do your field trip, whatever you want.’

Awwwww. Best. Parents. Ever.

But seriously — how cool of them to be that way, right? We’ve probably all heard stories about parents of child actors who are not as supportive and make them go to every audition, etc.

So you may be wondering: What’s “Amber” been up to lately? Whitman did a voice in the animated film Rock Dog, which came out February 24th. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer.

And Whitman seems excited about the film.

On doing animated films, Whitman told People she loves it — “it doesn’t matter how you look. You get to go in your sweat pants. And it’s really nice to connect with kids, especially when the message is great.

Woot-woot — agreed! Seems like Whitman’s still taking her parent’s advice and doing projects that make her happy. We don’t know about you, but now we want to go see Rock Dog even more. See you at the theater.