Madison Robinson’s Flip-Flop Fortune

Okay, but seriously: What are they putting in the water these days? Whatever it is, it’s breeding some pretty cool kids with some pretty great ideas. When Madison Robinson was 8 years old, she dreamed up a product that would fund her college tuition before she scored a driver’s license. Madison, who has grown up near the beach in Galveston Island, Texas, pulled from her love of swimming, fishing and drawing to create Fish Flops: Brightly-colored flip flops with beachy designs and LED lights in the soles (which automatically makes anything a little more awesome).

But Madison, now 15, does more than just draw oceanic illustrations and pick out the color palettes for the in-demand shoes — She has a hand in almost every aspect of her business. From pitching her product at industry expos and department stores to stocking the warehouse and packing shipments, Robinson does it all. To date, over 60,000 pairs of Fish Flops have been sold, for a profit of $1.2 million. Yup. She’s officially more grown-up than most of us.

And don’t get it twisted — this ain’t no Lemonade Stand operation. Nordstrom and Macy’s are repping the Flops, so now she runs with the big guns. Expect to see more from Madison in the future, though. She’s planning on hitting up business school in college.

Me too, girl. Me too.

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