This rad 13 year old just explained exactly why we need to vote tomorrow

Tomorrow is Election Day, so get your voting shoes ready. There’s a lot on the line this Tuesday: Control of the Senate, power in Congress, and 13-year-old political activist Madison Kimrey has given us the simplest and best argument for why we should head to the polls: because we can.

Madison wants to improve education, health care, women’s issues, animal rights, but she’s still too young to cast her own ballot.

Madison uploaded a video that lays out pretty straight forwardly why everyone who can vote should vote in the midterms: “I’m not old enough to vote yet, but a lot of you are. Which is why you need to make sure you head to the voting booth. Because no matter what your opinions are, you need to make them count.”

This is not Madison’s first foray into politics. She started NC Youth Rocks in her home state of North Carolina, and keeps a mega popular blog called Functional Human Being. Even without being able to cast a ballot she’s making her voice heard, and inspiring us to make ours heard too.

(Image by Kaitlyn Barlow)