Madeline Stuart, the model with Down syndrome, just appeared in the most gorgeous wedding dress campaign

We just love Madeline Stuart. Whether she’s reigning the runway at New York Fashion Week, channeling her inner Disney princess or challenging mainstream ideas about beauty, this 18-year-old model with Down syndrome from Brisbane, Australia, is amazing. Madeline has only been modeling for about two years, but she SLAYS.

Recently, Madeline posed for her first bridal fashion spread. She shared a few pics from her photo shoot with wedding photographer Sarah Houston on her social media accounts, and TBH they are stunning.

We’re not the only ones who were blown away by these gorgeous pics. The minute they hit social media, the Internet basically exploded into hearts and flowers. On Insta, the photos have such received heartfelt comments as, “the message this photo sends is profound. goes to show that those with DS have romantic desires and they deserve that love just like the rest of us. you look so beautiful here, Madeline! #morealikethandifferent” and “Madeline when I grow up I want to be just like you! Don’t listen to what anyone says: you are beautiful in every single way!!!”

Madeline’s reaction to all the fuss is perfection. In a Facebook post earlier today, she said “I created an emotional reaction with my photoshoot. Shoot people it’s just a modelline job, how are you going to feel when I actually get married one day. He He He.”  

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