Maddie Ziegler is joining the Pretty Little Liars cast and we can’t wait

We’re FINALLY a few weeks away from the season six premiere of Pretty Little Liars. This is reason to celebrate, considering you’ve more than likely spent the last few months agonizing over the Charles/A mystery. While there’s still no answer to that — yet — we do know something else about this new season: Maddie Ziegler is going to appear in an upcoming episode!

Season six is already filming, and the social media crazy Liars have been posting up a storm showing us the fun they’re having, and now they’ve shared some pictures with Maddie on set. While she’s not becoming Liar #6 (but that’d be a great idea, TBH), she’s playing some sort of creepy, possibly un-dead patient at Radley Sanitarium. Little is known about her character right now, but looking at the image of her and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) could she be a little Spencer? Might Spencer have some more deep, dark Radley secrets?

Troian posted a picture, too, calling Ziegler a “powerhouse” and it’s so true. Maddie is only twelve years old (!!) and has not only rocked Dance Moms, but she is also Sia’s little mini-me, dancing in both “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart.” 

Sounds like she’ll be dancing on PLL, too. According to Maddie, choreographer Travis Wall created “something so cool but creepy at the same time,” for her to perform on PLL, and I never imagined a dance number happening in Radley, but I also never imagined a long-lost DiLaurentis child named Charles to be Big A. So, fooled me again, PLL.

Maddie’s episode is slated to air sometime in July and we can start counting down the days until PLL’s returns on June 2nd. There’s no way Maddie could be Charles, right?

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