Maddie Ziegler got real about why she’s taking it slow with her BF

If you follow her on Instagram, you might have noticed that dancer Maddie Ziegler has a boyfriend. And we must say, we’re intrigued — especially since we pretty much watched Ziegler grow up while on Dance Moms.

The super talented celeb is only 14, but she’s already has so many impressive credits on her resume. Some may know her best for helping inspire Sia, as she’s appeared in a handful of her music videos. But the teen has also been a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. While she’s long left the ALDC in favor of her budding career, we need to admit —  Dance Moms just hasn’t been the same without her.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ziegler, and asked her a little bit about the boy that’s suddenly been appearing on her social media accounts.

His name is Jack, and he seems super into the star. And, as you can see, the feeling is mutual. Ziegler credits her giddiness to the fact that she’s a teenager. But, she mentioned that while things are good, she’s still taking the relationship slow. And not just because she’s constantly traveling and performing.

"I mean, I would never move things too quick, and I know I'm still 14. I'm still a child," she said. "Jack is really great, and I have a good time with him, so it's fun."

She’s about to celebrate her seven month anniversary with Jack, which is incredibly sweet. (And as you can see, she definitely dropped the “L bomb” on Instagram.)

The two have definitely conquered temporary long distance — which is great, since Ziegler is about to go on a tour of Australia and New Zealand with Sia.

We wish nothing but the best for these two lovebirds!

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