MAC’s new prep and prime collection will give your skin and your makeup a flawless finish

Usually, primers and dry skin just don’t get along. Most primers have some sort of powdery residue that gives makeup something to stick to but takes away crucial moisture from our skin. Oh, and don’t even get us started on what happens when your primer and moisturizer aren’t compatible. It’s the WORST.

MAC’s new Prep and Prime Essential Oils collection just might be the answer to our prayers. Long-lasting hydration and flawless foundation? We want it. We need it. The thirst is real.

The collection features three oils, grapefruit with chamomile, yuzu, and sweet orange with lavender. All are created from a base of four botanical oils and plant-derived elements. Use them alone or after cleansing, or try mixing them with concealers, foundations, creams, whatevz.


If you’re not sure which oil is up your alley, here are a few things to remember:

Grapefruit is great for dull skin that needs a little jolt. It’s high in antioxidants so it fights free radicals like a champ.


Yuzu is packed with vitamin C which helps the skin make more collagen. If you’re on an anti-aging kick, go with this guy.

Sweet orange is a natural antibacterial (awesome for acne-prone skin) and lavender is packed with antioxidants making it pretty much a skin savior. If blemishes are a problem for ya, choose this oil.

Also included in the collection is an essential oils stick. Intriguing, right? We’re thinking this could be cool to apply oils to the cheekbones for a glossy highlight and since it’s a semi-solid it would be super convenient for travel as well.

The MAC Prep and Prime Essential Oils and the Essential Oils Stick are all available on right now for 27 bucks each!

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