This machine sorts Skittles and M&Ms by color for when you’re just too lazy to do it yourself

During rough times, the simplest of tasks can feel like huge burdens that are intent on smothering you. Those moments are when you let the laundry pile up (it’ll get done eventually), bribe your roomie into taking out the trash, and use a machine to sort your Skittles by color, because OMG, LIFE IS SO STRESSFUL RN.

We’re all for taking our anxiety out on a handful (or two) of the most popular candy in America, but those bite-sized treats aren’t gonna sort themselves, are they? Since there may be more yellow Skittles than any other kind in a single bag of the rainbow-inspired candies, this machine has a hell of a task on its hand.

Unless you happen to love yellow Skittles, in which case, who are you?!

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We’ll stop judging you long enough to get into the inner workings of this marvelous piece of machinery, which actually sounds like the best gift for the shamelessly lazy people in your life (read: us all day, every day).

Basically, you pour a bag of Skittles (or M&Ms) into a hopper, which is mounted to a motorized wheel contraption that sucks the candies downward through individual tubes where they are magically separated by color into six different bowls.

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How friggin’ cool is that?! Laziness: 1; Attempts to reduce our sugar intake: 0.

According to YouTuber William Pennings, the machine sorts about two candies per second, contains a color sensor and even features some pretty neat-looking LED lights for our viewing pleasure.

Depending on your skill level, you too can build your very own candy machine. Pennings has instructions on how to build the Skittles and M&M sorting machine available on his website.

When you’re done construction your candy-sorting project, we fully expect an invite to a Skittles-themed party. Just make sure you ditch the yellow ones before we get there.