OMG, MacGruber 2 is definitely happening

Grab your celery and start celebrating — six years after MacGruber came out in theaters, it looks like we’ll actually be seeing a sequel.


For those who are unaware, MacGruber is the MacGyver-esque Saturday Night Live character that Will Forte helped dream up a long time ago. A successful, long-running sketch on the show, they decided to give the character his own movie. Despite initial mixed reviews, the film later went on to become a cult classic. Interestingly enough, Forte’s MacGruber was the last SNL sketch that got turned into a film.

Jorma Taccone, a past writer for Saturday Night Live (although you might know him best for being a member of The Lonely Island), teased the sequel by sharing a few photos on Twitter. false false

And speaking of Twitter, hopefully that means more funny (yet often crass) tweets from “Grubes69” — which, according to Forte, is run strictly by MacGruber himself.

Forte addressed the photos on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and said that while the script is in very rough shape, it does exist, and it is something they really want to complete and film.

It makes sense that Taccone is getting a start on MacGruber 2 — he recently finished up a film with the guys from The Lonely Island called Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (which is available to rent today.) For Forte, the very first episode of an all new season of The Last Man On Earth just debuted on FOX last Sunday. So, the timing might just be perfect for the two of them to get together and think up some jokes.

We can’t wait until the script is complete, and look forward to see what adventures MacGruber gets into next!

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