Macbooks might be losing this really important feature — and people are freaking out

So Apple’s iOS 10 looks pretty baller, but we’ve got a long list of reasons why we’re nervous about the iPhone 7. One of our biggest sources of anxiety is fact that it won’t have a headphone jack.

While the future is probably wireless, the present isn’t, so even though we’re sure having no headphone jack will just be par for the course in a few years, right now the idea of having wireless earbuds for headphones sounds like a massive money pit when we inevitably need to replace them after losing them every other week.

So imagine our surprise/horror when we found out the new MacBook might not have a headphone jack, either!


According to a report from Business Insider, it looks like wired headphones are on their way out for good. Apparently, Apple released a survey to some users asking whether or not they would want the headphone jack on the new MacBook or not.

Of course, as the people of the internet often do, everyone took to twitter to express their FEELZ.

And, as the people of the internet often are, everyone was angry.

Some people were sad…

And some people were asking the REAL questions. As if we need to worry about charging ONE MORE thing.


On the up side…


And on the PUP side (GET IT?!)…[/subeader]

So maybe it’s not time to abandon the cult of Apple for Android devices quite yet. Besides, it’s worth considering that everybody was equally skeptical of CDs and DVDs when they were first released… so it’s possible we just need a little time to adjust to our new, wireless world.

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