This Macbook selfie stick is a real thing we didn’t seeing coming

Look, sometimes, you’re trying to take the perfect selfie and it’s Just. Not. Working. Your arm isn’t long enough; your front-facing phone camera isn’t capturing the lighting behind you to your liking; hell, you just can’t seem to get the dimensions of the damn thing right either. Enter: The Macbook selfie stick, an invention that is brilliant, demented, and um, real.


Before we go any further, we have to note — this is an art project. (Foiled again!) Put together by ART404 and Tom Galle, whose previous project was a literal Netflix and chill room, the Macbook Selfie Stick is presumably made as a commentary on our culture’s enduring obsession with getting that perfect #selfie, even if it means literally hoisting a laptop into the air to get that angle juuust right.


So, it looks like the Macbook Selfie Stick will remain the stuff of conceptual art dreams/nightmares?, but as with all things in this world, it’s entirely likely that people will actually look at this and think, “Hey, this isn’t a bad idea.” Next up: An app service for hiring people on-the-go to take “candid” photos of you and your friends. (If this actually happens, I will eat my shirt.)