Macaron hair. It’s here.

Macarons are more than a colorful, delicious treat. Now, they’re hairspiration and the loveliness of this color mash-up will take your breath away.

Stylist Shelley Gregory of Atelier by Square Salon in Las Vegas, Nevada, created the look, which she also calls candy unicorn hair, after visiting the Ladureé macaron shop in Paris.

“You see rainbow hair but it’s too much,” Gregory told Cosmopolitan. “I wanted it to be a toned-down rainbow. And something yummy-looking!”

Gregory explains the soft, multi-colored palette of the macaron shop stuck with her, calling it a “Disneyland” full of “magic.” She’s definitely recreated that feeling with this soft, flowing, pastel rainbow-colored hair look. We’re not sure if we want to run our fingers through it or take a bite!

With winter approaching (it kicks off officially on December 22, so brace yourself!), you might wonder if macaron hair is something you can pull off. The answer is yes, but make sure the colors are a bit muted. The slightly washed-out look of Gregory’s palette is what makes it so perfect and wearable this time of year. We totally love it. 

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[Images via Instagram]