MAC Cosmetics is coming out with a fragrance collection inspired by their most popular lipsticks

In the latest, and perhaps most creative bid by the popular makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics is releasing a fragrance collection based on six of their most popular lipstick shades. The results are as delicious and imaginative as you’d hope! The new line of lipstick-inspired perfume is called MAC Shadescents and it will provide us with the sweet smelling, shape-shifting liquid renditions of some of our favorite MAC Cosmetics lipsticks.

Now we can experience a glamorous form of synesthesia by pairing our favorite choice of bold lipstick with a charming aroma. Forget just applying basic makeup! With this collection, we can enter a hypnotizing realm that lets us create our own atmosphere.


The six lipstick shades that inspired the perfume line include: Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy, My Heroine, Candy Yum-Yum and Creme De Nude.


While the line of scents won’t officially be released until November 30th on MAC’s website and, and December 8th in stores, we can already smell the perfumes through the promotional imagery.


According to Fashionista, the lipstick fragrances will sell for $57 each.

The Crème d’Nude perfume is formulated to give the fresh scent of skin. But you know, clean sexy skin.


Even though we feel like Ruby Woo will smell like seductive flames, it actually whiffs of deep red leather.


The Velvet Teddy Scent features sweet hints of honey.


My Heroine will hypnotize you with its saffron, incense smoke, and cordovan leather aromas.


In keeping with the name, Candy Yum-Yum gives off a tropical fruity scent that matches its loud neon shade.


Lady Danger, which is the best name ever for a true red shade, gives off a wild cherry scent.


Be sure to check out all of the MAC Shadescents on November 30th online and December 8th in stores!

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